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Assembled by Craig M White 

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For many years I have had great interest in the history of the sabbatarian movement from its foundations in the first century. 

I noticed that the Seventh day Baptists and Seventh-day Adventists have kept very good historical records the history of their groups – see for example http://sdbhistory.org/  and  http://www.aplib.org/, http://washington.netadvent.org/, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seventh-day_Adventist_Church_Pioneers, http://www.thethirdangelsmessage.com/pioneers_philadelphia.php and so on. 


The information below has been collected from data collected from The Autobiography of Herbert W Armstrong, the internet and a trip I undertook in October 2011 to Portland, Eugene and Willamette Valley in Oregon. Data was also supplied by Pastor Randy Stiver (United Church of God), Pastor Larry Walker (United Church of God), Pastor John Lemley (Church of God (seventh day), Al Stout and Ben Light. 

Click here for map of historical sites (details to be inserted into the maps soon).










Hinson Memorial Baptist Church

1137 Southeast 20th Ave., Portland

This is where HWA chose to be baptised.



More photographs here



Portland Multnoma County Public Library

801 Southwest 10th Avenue, Portland

This is where HWA did his initial research

“At the same time, I found, in the Portland Public Library, many scientific works either directly on evolution, or as a teaching in textbooks on biology, paleontology and geology. Also I found books by scientists and doctors of philosophy puncturing many holes in the evolutionary hypothesis.”



More photographs here



Jeans Schoolhouse


This is now a private residence. Photographing should be done discretely, apparently

It is on Old Emira Road (12 miles west of Eugene and a mile or so west of the west side of Fern Ridge Resevoir, now a private residence)



Scravel Hill area - not too distant from the Jeans School hall?


1933 (Nov) – 1935 (Jan)

Alvadore school

15 miles NW of Eugene. 8-10 miles northwest of Eugene and which is falling down (near Decker Nursery (90808 B Street)

The site of HWA’s third campaign and small congregation. The building has since been demolished

Auto, p. 577




Harrisburg, Oregon

This is a small town on US Hwy 99E immediately north of where the highway goes over the bridge across the Willamette River on the way south to Junction City and Eugene.

This town was the site of an evangelistic campaign that Mr. A. conducted shortly before the one at the Fir Butte School.





Firbutte School

8 miles west of Eugene, now under the shallow side of the Fern Ridge Reservoir on the Old Elmira Road—now called Royal Road. You can see where the roadbed going into the east wetland of the reservoir.



Photographs here (not sure if I have the correct location)



Grant St. house in Eugene

Xx Grant St

Owned by HWA at one time until selling it to fund the Work




1934 (Oct)

4th St. house in Eugene

??60 W. 4th St in Eugene

One of the many places they rented after selling their house in a neighborhood several blocks west of the Amtrak rail station

“But by late March I had rented a house on West 4th. I think the rent was about $7 per month. I had arranged for meetings to start in the Old Masonic Temple on Seventh


HWA lived here according to his Credentials of Discipleship

See photographs here. I am not sure which is the house he stayed in at this stage

see picture in Auto vol. 1



First Plain Truth published


Click to download a copy




1935 to 1959

8th Street in Eugene - site of the first church building

8th St. just a few yards west of the intersection of 8th and Taylor St. 8th Street in Eugene – site of the first church building where the Jeans, Firbutte and Alvadore brethren consolidated to form the Eugene congregation.

Site of the “little church way out on 8th St (church building in Eugene for many years—from 1935 to 1959)

“On June first, 1935, The Church of God at Eugene, Oregon, held its first service in the new building, consolidating the three groups into one church.”

P 580 - new church bldg at end of W 8th Ave., Eugene


See photographs here. I am not sure which is the church building at this stage


1935 (Autumn)

Site of the first “Home Office”

Corner of 6th and Willamette (now the Hult Performing Arts Center)

Downtown Eugene – where the first two church offices were rente.

“He said he had a vacant room in the Hampton Building, across from the Post Office (a new Post Office has been built since) on the southwest corner of Sixth and Willamette. However, he would have to charge me $5 per month office rent.”


More photographs here



second, larger office in Eugenethe old Oddfellows Hall

May be the current Odd Fellows Hall on Charnelton Street between 12th and 13th.

Second, larger office in Eugene



More photographs here

see picture in Auto vol. 2


Belknap Springs resort

55 or so miles up the McKenzie River highway east of Eugene; on Hwy 126 a few miles down the hill toward Eugene from the Hwy 20 junction near Santiam Pass). www.belknaphotsprings.com/


First Feast site


In Oct 2011, the Pastor Larry Walker (Feast Coordinator) and I exchanged gifts - he gave me a picture frame that he had made for me from rough cut cedar that was part of the wall of the meeting room at Belknap Springs when the Feast was kept there during the 1930s!



Scravel Hill church building

Near Jefferson at the top of the hill on Scravel Hill Road  (COG7 met there. HWA often preached there)

This is now a private residence






Milas Helms farm

Location near Jefferson on the south bank of the Santiam River just west of I-5 across from the rest area on the north bank of the river


This is where the miracle of crops not destroyed by a spring flood occurred

Auto chapters 27 & 28




Amtrak Station

W5th Ave, Eugene

Where Mr. A. made many “shirt tail shoots” catching the train to travel or go to Pasadena to make broadcasts on the higher quality recording equipment found near Hollywood


More photographs here


1934 (Jan)

KORE radio station

Located in 2080 Laura Street, Springfield (next door to Eugene)

This was the station that broadcast Mr. A’s first radio messages.



More photographs here


1934 (Dec)

Radio station - KSLM 345

Court St, Salem

“By December that first year of broadcasting -- 1934 -- Christ OPENED A SECOND DOOR. His time had come for the broadcast to leap to Portland, with ten times them potential listeners. In fact, a hook-up was opened to us for two additional stations, KXL, Portland, and KSLM, Salem -- both at that time only 100-watt stations. The cost was to be $50 per month.”





The Multnomah Hotel

319 Southwest Pine St., Portland

The hotel is now Embassy Suites. HWA used the KXL  radio station that was there... and it has an interesting history.

Auto, p 599




The Hampton bldg

Corner of 6th & Willamette in Eugene office

where 1st PT was published





Old Masonic Temple

W. 7th Ave just off Willamette in Eugene

“Following the evangelistic meetings in the old Masonic Temple in downtown Eugene, April and May, 1934, I had retained for some time, as mentioned above, the use of one of the smaller rooms as an office. I do not remember just when, but later -- probably early autumn, 1935 -- Mr. Frank Chambers, owner of the building (and somewhere near half of all downtown Eugene, it was rumored), told me he had a tenant for the entire building, and I would have to move.” Meetings held here as well as temporary office

Auto p 546, 562