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People have asked us: just what is the ‘Friends of the Sabbath’?

Mission Statement

The Friends of the Sabbath is a non-denominational commonwealth which is not controlled by any organisation but is run by and for the membership of a variety of Sabbatarian groups around the world. It is dedicated to cultivating a greater appreciation of one another among the community of Sabbath believers by supportive communication, continuing education and the acknowledgment of the talents and gifts God has granted each sabbatarian to accomplish His Work.

Purpose, Goals and Objectives

The purpose of the FOSA is to provide a means for educational opportunities for Christians of various branches of God's Church to meet across corporate boundaries through seminars and other such events. The objectives are to:

Services provided by FOSA to carry out its Vision, Mission and Objectives

FOSA Basic Beliefs

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Mail: Friends of the Sabbath, Australia
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